Evolution of a logo

First of all, what is “Caravel”? And why?
We must have gone through hundreds of names (or at least it felt like it), while trying to figure out one for our studio. Finally, we decided to search our inspirations, and how we see and define ourselves, for an answer.
Its our aspiration to always be at the forefront of our field, that led us to Caravel.
In the 15th century, the Caravel was regarded as one of the pinnacle ships in the Atlantic Ocean. Light and swift, the Caravel allowed brave explorers to sail the treacherous seas, on their path to discover new worlds!
So now that we had a name, it was time to move on to our logo design. Little did we know, our adventure had just begun… We thought a good place to start would be to come up with a unique ship.

It didn’t quite work for us and felt too obvious. We tried a more abstract approach.

Then we asked ourselves what this “Caravel” ship would look like in the future.

These came out on the first go. They struck us more as cool patches and less as a logo…

We think this came out cool, but a bit too serious for us…

So we made it more us!

The chosen one, in all its might and glory!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as we enjoyed the design process. Help us spread the word by sharing and feel free to drop a note in the comments section below!